€0 Price range: €180

Maximum Strength (30 min)

Remineralising, mattifying, smoothing

The treatment that offers fast, effective, immediate results. The optimum combination of cleanser, exfoliator and mask restore the skin to its full health and strength.
€ 80.00

Bespoke Gentlemen's Facial (60 min)

Cleansing, nourishing, skin perfecting

Defending the skin against environmental elements, this treatment uses the ultimate in anti-oxidant expertise. Products rich in chlorella cleanseand exfoliate the skin and the addition of a corrective mask injects the cells with a much needed boost of nutrients.
€ 130.00

Gent's Detox Facial (90 min)

Detoxifying, purifying, radiance

Natural sea minerals and essential oils combine with steam and extraction resulting in a skin that is deep cleaned and totally purified. The peel off mask reveals a smooth texture and brilliantly clear complexion.
€ 180.00

Back, Face and Scalp Revitalizer (60 min)

De-stressing, balancing, recharging

Beginning with a relaxing back therapy, body and mind are immediately de-stressed. A unique facial treats the skins specific needs as the scalp is massaged unravelling tensions and leaving the skin exuding health. 
€ 130.00