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White Sand Scrub (45 min)

Moisturising, nourishing, soothing

An express exfoliation with the Anne Semonin Nude Sea Salt & White Sand Body Scrub, leaving skin smooth and hydrated. The warming and nourishing qualities of this scrub ensure a soothing experience and visible results.

€ 110.00

Shape & Firm Abdominal Therapy (45 min)

Define, Detoxify, Digestion

This abdominal therapy aids digestion and will leave you feeling infinitely lighter. A modelling massage is followed by the application of an abdominal mask and relaxing foot massage. The firming body serum will further define your stomach in a way you’ll absolutely love.
€ 105.00

Anti-Fatigue Back Remedy (60 min)

Tension releasing, restoring back therapy

An exceptional solution created to alleviate tension stored in the back, neck and shoulders and reduce fatigue. The exquisite combination of heat, minerals and oils begins with a generous application of self-heating mineral mud mask to release stiffness, strain and stress in the muscles. This is followed by a bespoke massage with blended oils just right for your needs. Both energizing and relaxing, this treatment leaves the whole body with a complete sense of well-being.
€ 140.00

Pure Detox Wrap Experience (60 min)

Detoxifying, purifying, uplifting

Wrap your body in a cocoon of Spirulina micro-algae to stimulate toxin release and purify the skin. A pre-wrap scrub of sea salt, combined with uplifting lemongrass and peppermint body oil, prepares the skin for the green algae and laminaria body mask, rich in iodine and powerful marine elements. Together these dynamic ingredients purify, energise and help reduce inches.
€ 150.00

The Ultimate Bounce Back (75 min)

This immune boosting treatment begins with a powerful spirulina body wrap followed by an express facial cleanse and the application of a balancing mask. A nourishing body massage and special facial-drainage technique calm and de-toxify while, the finishing touch, a heavenly match of Express Radiance Ice Cubes, Super Active Contour Serum and Cream will leave you with a rippling sense of relaxation.
€ 185.00

Cryo-lipoliss (75 min)

Anti-cellulite, firming, toning action

“Au revoir” dimpling and uneven skin. Anne Semonin fights small cushions and cellulite with its new 3-phase treatment cure. Inspired by cryotherapy techniques, an ultra-cold treatment designed to shock the body into action by revving up blood circulation and boosting the immune system. Followed by a specially designed detox massage using an active ingredients complex of brown and red algae and a firming body mask application on problematic areas. The result: your legs are left feeling refreshed; skin tone is visibly improved, and the skin contour looks firmer and more even after just one treatment. For the perfect and long-lasting result, a series of treatments is recommended.
€ 175.00

Post Beach Reviver (75 min)

Radiance, Soothe, Cool, Prolong Summer Tan

Inside-out hydration is essential for maintaining your skin’s suppleness and prolonging your hard-earned tan. Opt for this ritual and you’ll be treated to a moisturizing body mask, soothing scalp massage and calming face mask.
€ 185.00

Cocooning Scrub & Massage Ritual (90 min)

Exfoliating, Nourishing, Soothing

A luxurious blend of sea salts, white sand, pink quartz crystal powder and aromatic oils actively sweeps away dead skin cells, leaving skin wonderfully soft, silky, detoxified and youthfully radiant. The warming elements of the Nude Scrub create a cocooning sensation and elevate the spirits. Aromatic oils are applied all over the body to deeply nourish, soften and re-mineralize the skin, followed by a revitalizing exfoliation and body wrap. This spa body therapy concludes with a Haute Couture full body massage to re-awaken your senses.
€ 195.00

Heavenly Anti-stress Face and Body Experience (120 min)

Tension releasing, Nourishing, Toning, Revitalising

A synergy of heat and cold is the essence of this truly exceptional experience combing a relaxing back therapy and anti-ageing facial. The creamy, rich mixture of self-heating clay and algae melts away deep- seated tension throughout the back of the body while the feet and legs are massaged. The senses are further stimulated with an advanced cryotherapy facial, using the Anne Semonin Express Radiance ice cubes infused with powerful ingredients to support the skin at a cellular level, as the whole body experiences a rush of complete well-being.
€ 255.00