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Oligo Skin Protect (60 min)

Detoxifying, Balancing, Age preventing

The ultimate in anti-oxidant defence, this facial spa treatment instantly hydrates and balances, boosting oxygenation to the skin cells. Using the exclusive Oligo range of face products, an advanced formula combining dynamic ingredients such as algae and chlorella, ensures a clear skin, thoroughly protected from the urban environment.
€ 130.00

Soothing Skin Saviour (60 min)

Calming, Hydrating, Restoring

The secret to soothing even the most delicate skin lies in the exquisite blending of minerals and essential essences. The skin on your face is prepared with gentle cleansing and exfoliation before delighting in the application of the luxurious Anne Semonin Cream mask. The generous application of the algae and mimosa wax formula smoothes and nourishes skin revealing a perfectly calm and soothed complexion.
€ 130.00

Age Defend (60 min)

Anti-ageing, Firming, Toning

Defy the ageing process with this quintessential regenerating facial therapy. Signs of ageing dissolve as essential oils and minerals are gently massaged into the skin improving tone and elasticity. Mexican Wild Yam and Vitamins A & E provide ultimate defence against environmental elements and help maintain a youthful radiance all the way to a cellular level.
€ 130.00

Detoxifying Facial (60 min)

Antioxidant, Premature ageing preventing

The facial that precisely targets the urban environment and lifestyle: pollution, smoke, blue light, stress which lead to skin premature aging. Specialized gestures to drain toxins and impurities, using essential oils and trace elements combined in personally prescribed quantities to effectively restore a refreshed, healthy-looking skin.
€ 130.00