SHISEIDO - Женская коллекция для лица

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Процедура, разглаживающая морщины (1час 30мин)

A luxurious Anti-Wrinkle facial. This facial will help to restore your youthful energy. The result: a radiantly hydrated skin with a smooth youthful appearance.


€ 190.00

For a younger skin. A deep cleansing facial treatment with steam and exfoliation that works to regulate, balance and rehydrate. 

€ 145.00

Breathe new life into your skin. An intensive hydrating facial with steam and exfoliation which helps to nurture and protect against environmental damage.

€ 155.00

For a brighter, clearer and radiantly glowing skin. If you have pigmentation concerns or dull, cloudy, lacklustre skin, Ultimate Radiance Facial is your answer. 

€ 155.00

Smooth, even and retexture your skin, combining the vitality of nature and the power of science with steam & exfoliation.

€ 160.00

Экспресс процедура "Совершенная кожа"

Personalised express facial to suit your skin type, choose from:    

1. Pure Beauty Boost: Anti-shine, purify, perfect.                                          

2. Super Beauty Boost: Lift, firm,define.

€ 75.00

Передовая процедура для контура глаз (30 мин)

This advanced treatment will reawaken and alleviate the eye area from dark circles, puffiness and fatigue as well as re-hydrate and plump the lip contours.

€ 80.00

Ритуал "Future Solution LX" (2 часа)

An exclusive and premium facial combining Shiseido's most luxurious and advanced skin care line "Futute Solution LX' specially developed to maximise skin beauty and smooth the signs of ageing.
€ 250.00

Shiseido Make-up

Allow our expert make -up artist to define and highlight your features with the Shiseido make-up range of products.
€ 80.00
A deep cleansing and detoxifying facial treatment with steam and exfoliation  that works to regulate, balance and rehydrate.
€ 120.00
Soothe, calm and hydrate your skin. Damage Defence Facial tackles the unique concerns of male skin amd includes steam and exfoliation.
€ 130.00